Servant Leadership

We are the lead generation leader in our Tri-State area. True leadership requires checking egos at the door and serving others. At Wordplay we take our service seriously while at the same time not taking ourselves too seriously. We serve our clients and the community in as many ways as possible. We believe the more we serve, the closer we get to our goal of being leaders in our industry and our community. Helping our clients and community is a vital part of what makes us who we are, so we do things to ensure that we’re giving back to the people that help make us what we are.

We help people. We encourage everyone in our firm to help people in need at every opportunity. The more we’re able to help others using our time, talent, and treasure the more we can illuminate righteousness to the world.

Wordplay hosts a program that brings mission-minded entrepreneurs out to our office. We’ll give you the nickel tour, you’ll get dinner and drinks on us, and we’ll tell you about our “Business As Mission” philosophy.

We love to be active and make a difference. We serve on several boards in the community and do our part to develop leaders, improve our community, and create cultural awareness.

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