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There are three critical reasons why you are missing revenue and market share!

We both rely on the success of commerce, just like everyone else in the business community. We feel it is our obligation to make sure the business community is as successful as possible. Because of this we’ve underwritten the cost of an educational program that shows you the three critical reasons you are missing revenue and market share and what you can do to protect yourself and achieve your goals for the next 50 years.

In the next few months, we will be showing this to other strategic business leaders in the community and thought you might want to make sure you’re learning the same things they’re learning.

The program works like this.

One of our award-winning speakers will present this information. The setup takes about 10 minutes. The content takes about 30 minutes to cover and then usually you’ll have some questions, so most of these sessions last about 50 minutes. We only do this at a time where we won’t be disturbed, so we can get in and out quickly.

This is a very expensive program for us, but there is no cost to you. We will come to you because we understand that traveling isn’t convenient for most business owners and sales and marketing directors.

Because of the expense we ask that you give us the professional courtesy of making yourself available or at least give us 48 hours advance notice if you are unable to join us.