Lead Generation

Lead generation is a process designed to assure that qualified leads are developed by delivering relevant and consistent contacts to a customer or prospect for a product, service, or organization over time.

Lead generation can be compared to performing a musical score. In a piece of music, while every instrument has a specific task, the goal is to have them come together in a way that produces beautiful music. It’s the same with lead generation, where Facebook might be your violin, Google your piano, website analytics your trumpet and so on.

Why Lead Generation?

Five major shifts in the worlds of advertising, marketing and media have caused an increased interest in (and need for) lead generation. These include:

A shift from… To…
Traditional Advertising Digital/Interactive Media
Mass Media Specialized Media
Low Agency Accountability High Agency Accountability
Limited Internet Access Widespread Internet Availability
Boomer Buying Power Strength Millennial Buying Power Strength

These shifts are forcing organizations like yours to look at the whole lead generation picture, re-align communications and see things the way the consumer sees them – as a constant flow of information from indistinguishable sources. If you implement lead generation correctly you will avoid duplicate messages, capitalize on trends, create a high quality customer list and maximize ROI.

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